Algonquin College Graphic Design Program Computer Graphics Course Curriculum Algonquin College Graphic Design Program Computer Graphics Course Curriculum

VW Layout

Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign

Use the provided files to build the Volkswagen advertisement according to the included PDF design guide. Again, we're building an InDesign document in a way which will make it easy to edit.

This is a summative assignment

It evaluates your mastery of the skills in this instructional unit. This assignment contributes to your final grade in the course. You will earn a letter grade.

Your Grading System


Your Assignment

Using all the skills we’ve practiced to date, you will build the layout shown in the provided design guide. You’ll be replicating the design in the guide. There may be very small differences, like different line endings. That’s ok.

Document Creation

Create a single-page document with 2p0 margins all around. Make sure you adhere to all the settings shown below.

Document setup. Don't forget to turn off Facing Pages.

Make sure you save your document like this (with your own name):


This will make it that your folder will automatically be named properly once you’re done.

Setting Base Paragraph Styles

As soon as you’ve created your document, make sure you set your Basic Paragraph Style to Futura PT Book 9pt.

Base ALL paragraph styles on Basic Paragraph

Everything that’s in Futura PT needs to be based on the Basic Paragraph Style.

Futura PT 9/12 means that it's 9 point type size and 12 point leading. It's expressed nine over twelve.

Paragraph Styles

Style all the text as directed on the provided design guide.


Placing Images

Place the photo of the car as wide as two columns. You’ll use the File > Place… command to import the photo. Once you have a loaded cursor, drag the photo into place.

Supplemental Links

What you'll submit:


Make sure your InDesign document is named LastName-FirstName-#-Assignment-Name. # is your group number So,

Appleseed-Johnny-1-VW Layout.indd

Check your font usage to only include Adobe Fonts. To do so, go Type > Find Fonts . There should only be Adobe Fonts in the list.

Check your image usage in the Links panel. Make sure there are no warning icons in the panel.

Once this is done, save your document, then package it using File > Package . The resulting folder will already be named properly. Zip-compress the folder by right-clicking on it, then choosing Compress... .


Failure to submit your files as directed will incur a proportional loss of points. If your file/folder is not named with your name, you will earn a zero. Why?