Your Assignment

Drawing with Shapes

Replicate the objects using the shape tools in the provided document.

Dawing with Shapes Summative

There may be more than one way to get to the same result. As long as you’re using shape tools, it’s fine. Once you’re done, save and close the document.

Pen Tool

Trace the provided image with the Pen Tool only. Use strokes only. No fills.


This is much like a real-life scenario, where you would draw something by hand, then trace it in Illustrator to create scalable vector artwork.

All of your shapes need to be closed in order for them to fill with colour properly — even all those little triangular shapes.

This is a hand-drawn sketch. Your vector paths can be drawn to be smoother than the original. Feel free to make minor improvements on the drawing.

Once you’re done, simply save and close the document.


Create artboards for the following items.


Name each artboard, Logo Alone, Business Card, Post Card, Web Page Mockup & All Encompassign. Done? Save & close.

Colour Swatches

Assign colours to the provided logo adhering to the guide images.


Make sure to save your document where it is. Don’t rename.

Type in Illustrator

Set type on the provided document using point type and area type where appropriate.

Illustrator Type Summative

All the text is set in Proxima Nova font.

  • Title: 44pt, Extra Bold
  • Intro: 10pt, Bold
  • Text: 10pt, Regular
  • URL: 24pt, Extra Bold & Regular

See the model above as a guide for where to use point type vs. area type. Make sure you use the Space After setting in the Paragraph Panel to create spacing between paragraphs, as shown. ⌘-S, then ⌘-W.