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The Gradient Tool is a very powerful one. And with great power comes great responsibility. We’ll learn to wield it like a true Jedi Master. The danger here is to create muddy colour transitions between our gradient stops. We’ll build a drawing of a pencil using gradients in class. Once you’re done, you’ll possess secrets of the Gradient Tool.



We’ll explore:

  • The Gradient Panel
  • The Gradient Tool
  • The Gradient Annotator
  • Linear gradients
  • Radial gradients
  • Gradients on a path
  • Selecting colours for tasteful gradients
  • Opacity in gradients


The end-product of a blend can often look like a gradient, but they’re much more versatile.

You can blend objects to create and distribute shapes evenly between two objects. You can also blend between two open paths to create a smooth transition between objects, or you can combine blends of colors and objects to create color transitions in the shape of a particular object. Adobe


We’ll practice creating blends in class, starting with the basics, then move on to more advanced techniques. We’ll draw a banner like this one, which contains a number of blends. Some are masked. Some are not. They’re all stacked to create this wonderful graphic.

Formative Activity

Download the provided file and complete the gradients and blend illustrations as directed below.


Use gradients to add colour to the ping-pong paddle and ball.


Note that the shading on the ball is created with a blend.


Draw a colouring pencil like the one shown below. You choose the colour of the pencil. These are the steps.