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Symbols Summative

Apps Used: Adobe Illustrator

If you have a piece of artwork that repeats many times in your work, it's best to make a Symbol of it. The symbol can be edited, then all the instances you've used will update at once. You can even make colour variations with Dynamic Symbols.

This is a summative assignment

It evaluates your mastery of the skills in this instructional unit. This assignment contributes to your final grade in the course. You will earn a letter grade.

Your Grading System


Your Assignment

Create a single, letter-sized ad for a fictional company. It can be landscape or portrait orientation. Make sure to name your file like this from the outset:

Before you even start your work, delete all stock symbols from the Symbols panel. Go to the panel menu, then choose Select all unused. Delete them all. We want only your new, original symbols in the panel.


Make sure to include all three symbol types: a Dynamic Symbol with variations, a symbol with 9-slice scaling (horizontal, vertical, or both), and symbols which are sprayed with the Symbol Sprayer tool.

Use only Adobe Fonts.

Supplemental Links

What you'll submit:


Make sure your document is named properly:


Check that there are no placed images in your Links panel. Lastly, go Type > Fine Font... . Make sure the only fonts there are from Adobe Fonts. If there are others, get rid of them.

Now, you're ready to save your file and package it. Go File > Package... and follow the prompts. You'll submit the folder named

Appleseed-Johnny-#-Symbols Summative

Now zip that folder and submit the zip file.