DSN1541 -- Armed with a solid foundation using Adobe software, we explore a broad and varied selection of new technical skills: painting original art in Adobe Illustrator; manipulating large amounts of data in InDesign, drawing three-dimensional vector graphics.

Semester Start

As we start classes, it's important to get set up for the semester. Follow the instructions below.
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If you have a piece of artwork that repeats many times in your work, it's best to make a Symbol of it. The symbol can be edited, then all the instances you've used will update at once. You can even make colour variations with Dynamic Symbols.

Gradient Mesh

Adobe -- A mesh object is a multi-coloured object on which colors can flow in different directions and transition smoothly from one point to another.

Content Aware

Content-Aware tools intelligently fill areas of a photo with a seamlessly background. These tools appear throughout Photoshop. We'll discover the many ways it can be used.

Colour Correction

We'll explore techniques which take the guesswork out of making colour corrections in Photoshop.


In this lesson, we'll explore the limitless transformation capabilities of Adobe Photoshop; all in a non-destructive workflow, of course.

Sharpen & Blur

Photoshop doesn't really understand blurry or sharp. It just sees more or less contrast between pixels. It uses different algorithms in its blurring and sharpening tools to achieve its ends. Yeah. Algorithms.

Vector Shapes

Vectors aren't only the domain of Illustrator. Photoshop is quite adept at creating beautiful resolution-independant scalable graphics.
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Data Merge Liberals

We will produce business cards for a large number of individuals working for the same organization using data merge functionality in Adobe InDesign.

Data Merge Conservatives

The Conservative Party of Canada needs business cards for all of its members. Your job is to design a card, then output one card for each member, using InDesign's Data Merge functionality.


Performing repetitive tasks on your computer can cause errors and be really tedious. Automator is an often ignored app which can save you a ton of time.

Conditional Actions

You're aware of Actions in Photoshop. Did you know you can create if/then statements which setup conditions before an action is run?

Data Driven Graphics

Garbage in, garbage out is a sound warning to heed when working with data. You'll need to take special care to format your spreadsheet with a column for each variable in your file.

Fillable Forms

Creating a fillable form using the Acrobat PDF format is a reliable, flexible and versatile way to have forms distributed and signed. We'll explore this functionality today.
InDesign Acrobat

Acrobat Forms

Use the text and logo provided in today's downloads to design a form, then make it a fillable PDF file.
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