Algonquin College Graphic Design Program Computer Graphics Course Curriculum Algonquin College Graphic Design Program Computer Graphics Course Curriculum

Build a Magazine

Apps Used: Adobe InDesign

As a follow up to our first document construction, you will build these magazine pages with the provided content, based on the provided model.

This is a summative assignment

It evaluates your mastery of the skills in this instructional unit. This assignment contributes to your final grade in the course. You will earn a letter grade.

Your Grading System


Your Assignment

Take care to download the support files. Inventory them to see what you’re working with.

Read this whole page before you start so you have an idea of how to proceed.

Document Prep

Document Setup

Create a new InDesign document with the following settings.

Create a new InDesign document based on the settings above.
Save your document at the start, named like this: appleseed-johnny-#-build-a-magazine.indd

CC Libraries

Create a new library in the CC Libraries panel called CG2 Build a Magazine. As you create re-uable items, add them to your CC Libraries panel.


Remove all unused swatches from the panel, then create the blue swatch.

Go to your Swatches panel. Delete all unused swatches. Create a new swatch that’s:


Create these layers. As you work, make sure objects are on the right layer.

Create a layer for text & for images.

Make sure Images is above Text in the layer stack.

Paragraph Styles

Activate these fonts

Change Basic Paragraph to Expo Serif. Now create these paragraph styles. See the descriptions below.

Make sure to base all serif styles on 00-Base-Serif. Base all sans-serif on 00-Base-Sans.

Create these paragraph styles.

For all paragraph styles over 18pt, turn on Balance ragged lines, turn Hyphenation off. For titles, turn on Span Columns. Create an 8pt Space After.

Main Paragraph Styles

Basic Paragraph
Expo, Regular
Acumen Condensed Medium 9pt
Expo, Regular, 8/10
Acumen Condensed Black 48/50, Blue, Track:-20
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 24pt, Blue
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 18pt, Blue, Tint: 70%, Span all columns
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 9pt, Blue, Paragraph Rule, Span columns
Expo Regular, 8/10, 8pt first line indent
GREP Style: "CBC" Acumin Pro Condensed SemiBold, blue
Acumen Condensed Medium, 4 lines, Blue
Acumen Condensed Medium, 8/11, Blue
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 10pt, Blue, Span 2 columns only
09-Pull Quote
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 18pt, Blue
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 8pt, Blue, Align away from spine
SideBar H1
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 15pt, Blue
SideBar First
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 8pt, Black
Nested Style: SemiBold Blue up to 1 em-dash. Option-Shift-Hyphen to type an em-dash.
SideBar Body
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 8pt, Black, 8pt first line indent

Story Jumps

Continues on...
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 9pt, Blue, Align right
Continued from...
Acumen Condensed Semibold, 9pt, Blue, Align left

Parent Pages

Set up your Parent Pages as shown below.

This is how your Parent pages, text frames and image frames should be set up.
The keyboard shortcut to enter an automatic page number is Shift-Option-Command-N.


Caption frames are the size of one grid cell. There’s only one paragraph style.

Caption frames are set up with the same paragraph style. The text is either aligned to the bottom or the top of the frame in the box options.

The only difference with the two styles is that the text is vertically aligned to the top for one and to the bottom on the other.

Add caption frames to CC Libraries as a graphic.

Pull Quotes

There’s only one pull quote in this document. It’s on page 2. Set it up the same way we did in class. Make sure to add it to your CC Libraries panel.

Package It Up!

Once you’re done, package your files. Double-check the package folder to make sure the files are all there.

Supplemental Links

What you'll submit:


Make sure your InDesign document is named LastName-FirstName-#-Assignment-Name. # is your group number So,

Appleseed-Johnny-1-Build a Magazine.indd

Check your font usage to only include Adobe Fonts. To do so, go Type > Find Fonts . There should only be Adobe Fonts in the list.

Check your image usage in the Links panel. Make sure there are no warning icons in the panel.

Once this is done, save your document, then package it using File > Package . The resulting folder will already be named properly. Zip-compress the folder by right-clicking on it, then choosing Compress... .

Appleseed-Johnny-#-Build a

Failure to submit your files as directed will incur a proportional loss of points. If your file/folder is not named with your name, you will earn a zero. Why?