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Use Some Perspective

Apps Used: Adobe Illustrator

Drawing in perspective is really rewarding. In this unit, we'll explore the different types of perspective available to us.

This is a summative assignment

It evaluates your mastery of the skills in this instructional unit. This assignment contributes to your final grade in the course. You will earn a letter grade.

Your Grading System


Your Assignment

Use a two-point perspective to draw a building. Download a photo of a building. Place it in Illustrator. Lock it on a layer. Create a new layer to draw on. You could always place the building on top, then make it translucent. It can be a corner store, a school, an appartment building, etc…

These are the criteria for your building:


These are an examples of buildings you might draw. Make your own.

Supplemental Links

What you'll submit:


Make sure your document is named properly:

Appleseed-Johnny-#-Use Some

Check that there are no placed images in your Links panel. Lastly, go Type > Fine Font... . Make sure the only fonts there are from Adobe Fonts. If there are others, get rid of them.

Now, you're ready to save your file and package it. Go File > Package... and follow the prompts. You'll submit the folder named

Appleseed-Johnny-#-Use Some Perspective

Now zip that folder and submit the zip file.

Appleseed-Johnny-#-Use Some