Your Assignment

For your assignment, you’ll take a photo from which you’ll create a still-life pastel drawing using the Photoshop techniques we’ve learned in this module.

Take your own photo of natural still life. It needs to be either a vegetable, fruit, a plant or a natural stone.


Some examples from my pastels Pinterest board.

Your Photoshop canvas needs to measure: 8” x 10” at 300dpi in RGB. It can be horizontal or vertical. Choose the orientation based on the orientation of your subject.


You’ll be graded on:

  • Brush creation.
  • Brush use.
  • Final artwork execution.
  • The resolution set as directed.
  • Your layers are all named.
  • Non-destructive editing.
  • Save progressive version in Layer Groups.
  • Show progress in Layer Comps.


  • Save your file as Last Name, First Name, Group #, Pastel Drawing.psd
  • Do not flatten layers.
  • Zip-compress the .psd file, then submit on Brightspace.
  • There should be no type in your file.