DSN1535 -- Automating processes in the design studio teaches students how they can save time and avoid costly errors. Adobe Photoshop is used to create artistic paintings. Adobe Illustrator is our go-to application for drawing photo-realistic and perspective illustrations. Students build a multi-part document destined for book design and production.

Tabs & Indents

The all-mighty tab character can do wonders in InDesign. We'll explore setting indented text and building grids with tabs and indents, too.

Bullet & Number Lists

Whether they are bulleted or numbered, InDesign is very adept at creating lists. There are very granular, flexible controls to create the lists that fit your design.


The potential usefulness of Tables in InDesign is virtually limitless. We'll start with the basics, then progress to blow-your-mind tables that you can't even tell are tables. You'll see. It'll blow your mind.

Story Editor

The Story Editor is a text-only view of your InDesign page layout in a separate window. It allows you to edit text without layout and formatting distractions.

Next & Nested Styles

Next and Nested styles are two different things in InDesign. When thy are combined, they really offer powerful tools to style text with only a few clicks.

Text Variables

Automatic page numbering, automatic story jumps, text variables; these are only some of the tools we'll use to create a publication in InDesign. They all allow us to have content that updates dynamically, which makes editing a breeze.
InDesign Photoshop

Structured Text

In this summative assignment, you'll use the provided files to build the layouts as directed.

Die Lines

A die is used to cut paper stock for kit folders, packaging and more. To create a physical die, you need to design its outline first.
InDesign Illustrator

Consistent Blacks

The black you get by default in Photoshop is different than the one in Illustrator and in InDesign. We'll take control of this unruly colour for once and for all.
InDesign Illustrator Photoshop


A duotone Photoshop image is a greyscale image printed with a coloured ink rather than with black ink. You can obtain striking results with a well thought-out production strategy.
InDesign Photoshop

Spot Colour Channels

At times, four colour process printing can be quite bland. There are times when you want a more crafted printed piece with more accurate colours and more punch. This is where spot colour printing can come to the rescue.
InDesign Photoshop


While designers shouldn't need to do trapping on their files, they should be familiar with the concept and the mechanics of how it works.
InDesign Illustrator Acrobat

Beautiful Line Art

Line art is artwork which only contains black and white pixels. Line art images always contain sharp edges with no greys or colours. You would think that it would be the easiest to scan. The problem is that bitmap images often end up either lacking detail or clogged in darker areas. The Bitmap or Black & White settings in your scanning software will rarely yield favourable results. I'll show you how to create beautiful line art.
InDesign Photoshop

Prepress Skillz

Designers need to get a solid handle on file prep for the press. The skillz below are some essential skillz you need to master.
InDesign Illustrator Photoshop


You don't need to be a fine artist to create beautiful artwork with brushes in Photoshop. As a matter of fact, Photoshop brushes can help the novice painter create stunning artwork. It also opens new possibilities for the more experienced.

Pastel Drawing

In this unit, we'll set up Photoshop for Pastel drawing, including installing a workspace file, swatches and more. By the end of this module, you'll be able to produce artwork that looks like it was made with real pastels.