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Isometric Illustration

Apps Used: Adobe Illustrator

Now that you know how to draw in an isometric projection, you'll illustrate a process with characters in it.

This is a summative assignment

It evaluates your mastery of the skills in this instructional unit. This assignment contributes to your final grade in the course. You will earn a letter grade.

Your Grading System


Your Assignment

Motion is an important part of drawing in isometric projection. Your assignment is to illustrate a process. As long as there’s a start and a finish to your idea, your concept is a go.

Your Concept

You will conceive of a concept for an isometric illustration. These are the criteria. The theme must be obvious to a majority of people. Your illustration needs to explain a process. It can be composed of on object, like a complex space station, or it can be a scene with multiple objects.

The above example is a playful depiction of the process of buying a cake. by Sarah Tierney, 2016

You’ll take time to develop your concept. Don’t accept your first idea. Save it and come up with more of them. Once you have a good list, then you can choose from those to have something which will really produce winning final artwork.



You will create simple flat & isometric sketches. You can create them in pieces or complete in an isometric view on a grid. You need to figure out what you’re going to draw and how you’re going to do it. Individual objects can be broken into their constituant parts and scenes can be drawn in isometric view on your grid.

This is how you draw your grid in Illustrator. We’ll create a pattern with the grid to easily cover a whole page.

isometric grid



Once we’ve developed our concept, we’ll need to create tonal families for objects in our scene.


Let’s start by working on a tabloid (11’ x17”) horizontal or vertical artboard.

Notes On Deliverables

These are some tips and advice before you submit.

Please make sure that you place your work on a page in the right orientation relative to your artwork. If the overall shape of it is vertical, then go portrait. Same goes for horizontal/landscape.

No folder is necessary if you have no support files. Just name your Illustrator document, zip it and submit.

If there are support files, make sure everything is properly linked, then use the Package function to collect files. Double-check the folder before you submit. Errors and/or omissions will cost you points. If you’ve packaged, name both the package folder and the Illustrator document as directed above.

Unlock all of your layers before submitting. If fact, never submit work to anyone with locked layers unless you have specific reasons for locking something. I am going to pick your work apart, so don’t make me go through the extra steps of having to unlock everything. Make sure your layers are named. Remember, in Illustrator, Layers can nest. If necessary, create a new layer, then drag existing layers into that new top layer. It cleans things up. We want this to be a tidy client-presentable file.

I have a suggestion. If your work looks like it’s just floating alone on the page, you can add a coloured background. Also, you could add a title and a short paragraph of text. This could be anything text about your illustration. It doesn’t need to be long. I don’t want this to take a lot of time. Just make sure it’s well written and error-free. This isn’t a requirement, but based on the excellent work I’ve seen to date, you guys are doing a great job on this. I’d like to show these around. A ‘complete’ layout will be even more impressive.

If necessary, mask artwork which exceeds the page. Dont leave any artwork just bleeding off the page. Mask it.

You’re being graded on your proficiency in drawing shapes in an isometric projection. Here’s what matters:


Ensure you have taken the time to review your files before submission. You will lose marks for errors and/or omissions.

What you'll submit:


Make sure your document is named properly:


Check that there are no placed images in your Links panel. Lastly, go Type > Fine Font... . Make sure the only fonts there are from Adobe Fonts. If there are others, get rid of them.

Now, you're ready to save your file and package it. Go File > Package... and follow the prompts. You'll submit the folder named

Appleseed-Johnny-#-Isometric Illustration

Now zip that folder and submit the zip file.