Your Assignment

Info Porn — Take Delight In Numbers.

Choose a topic of interest. It could be baseball, motocycles, Barbie Dolls … it’s on you. Find some numbers related to it. So, for example, you could graph the powerband of the Harley Davidson Soft Tail Fat Boy. In this specific example, you would graph horsepower on one axis and RPM on the other. Don’t hesitate to pass your idea by me before you start.

To make sense of your graph, you’ll give me an explainer. Put your information in context, graphically. Your graph needs to be delivered in the form of a cohesive, unified page design — a letter-sized page. Create this layout in InDesign.

When you place your graph in InDesign, you should place a native Illustrator (.ai) document.

It's important that the graph you place in InDesign is fully outlined. Before you place your graph, make sure you duplicate your document. Outline all fonts in the graph. Also, select this duplicate graph, then expand it using Object > Expand...

Elements of your design:

  • A title — Make it zingy.
  • Some explanatory text. Make it interesting, well written and error-free.
  • A graph — This is the visual centre piece of your design.
  • Other graphics to create a cohesive, topical design.


The above example shows the elements of the layout. It’s quite elaborate. Yours will be vector based – more illustrative. These are student examples:

These are examples of graph layouts created by past students.

Your Submission

The goal here is to keep one Illustrator file with a all your graph work in it. It will have more than one version of the graph in it. It’s like leaving breadcrumbs as you work. Keep copies (versions) of your graph as you edit it. Keep your graph live as long as you can. Finally, if it’s necessary to ungroup your graph, you’ll have a live graph to go back to if something goes wrong.

The file has only your final graph in it. Select your whole graph with the Select Tool and ungroup it. Select all of your type and use Type > Create Outlines. Your graph isn’t an Illustrator graph anymore. It’s completely outlined. Now you can place (import) it to InDesign.

No raster images (photos) are allowed in this assignment. Use only Adobe Fonts.

Folder structure:

Make a folder as shown below. Add the InDesign package to it, plus the Illustrator file with your live graph design.


Make sure all your layers are unlocked in all your files. Check your Illustrator Links panel to make sure there are no placed images in your document. If there are, delete them.