Your Assignment

Create three of your own double-exposure compositions. You are free to use the provided photos, or you can find your own. Make sure, if you search for your own, that the image size is close to the size of the original photo. All compositions should be larger than 1500 pixels on the long side.


  • One composition will have colour. [source]
  • One will crop the person. [source]
  • Another will feature architecture. [source]

You can use any and all of the techniques learned in class. Use what you need to get a pleasing result in a non-destructive manner.

You can look at these examples for inspiration.

How to Get an “A”

You want to work in a non-destrcutive manner, so do stuff like:

  • Maintain all of your layers. Don’t flatten.
  • Name all of your layers.
  • Use Adjustment Layers.
  • Use Clipping Masks.
  • Convert regular layers to Smart Objects before re-sizing them.

The aesthetics of your composition are pleasing. Take the time and care to choose two photos which will work well for this effect. Create a seamless effect. That is, the two photos blend seamlessly without obvious edges.

Name and submit your files as directed below.

Your Submission

Once you’ve completed your work, save your files as a layered native Photoshop (.psd) files. Flattening layers will destroy all the work you’ve done.

Appleseed, Johnny, Group #, Double Exposure1.psd
Appleseed, Johnny, Group #, Double Exposure2.psd
Appleseed, Johnny, Group #, Double Exposure3.psd