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DSN1690 Fieldwork & Professional Practice



Alain Paradis

Course Description

Students work as junior designers in industry studios. Students practise the skills and techniques acquired throughout their studies and gain valuable experience in a variety of areas by working on projects for their chosen employer. Students are introduced to making contact with potential employers, presenting their work professionally, ensuring their personal brand reflects their strength as a designer, interviewing and ensuring they are ready for the job market. The course culminates in the preparation of the year-end grad show where industry representatives are invited to view student work, build relationships and provide valuable feedback.


This is a multi-faceted course where students take the lead in raising funds, preparing for fieldwork and organizing their grad show. You will be organized in teams, each with a task described here. Each week, teams meet to move their responsibilites forward. Attendance & participation by each student is a requirement for passing the course.


The fieldwork program is proud to partner with creative agencies in Canada's National Capital Region and around the world. The goal of our fieldwork program is to initiate our students to the professional practice of graphic design in a safe, stimulating and productive workplace.

Grad Show

The annual Grad Show gives students the opportunity to showcase the design work you've completed in the last three years. It's an opportunity for students, their families, faculty and industry to gather virtually to celebrate before graduation.


This page contains a list of potential employers you can contact to do fieldwork. Most have taken students for fieldwork before.