DSN1690 -- Joining and integrating into a working graphic design team is crucial to transitioning from the classroom to the design industry. Students are coached to market themselves as valuable candidates for positions in the field of design. They learn to present themselves and their portfolios professionally in an interview scenario. The course includes a student-lead graduation showcase event, where students display their work to industry professionals. The goal is to obtain a six-week fieldwork placement, where they will become contributing members of a design team and the industry as a whole.


The fieldwork program is proud to partner with creative agencies in Canada's National Capital Region and around the world. The goal of our fieldwork program is to initiate our students to the professional practice of graphic design in a safe, stimulating and productive workplace.


The annual Grad Show gives students the opportunity to showcase the design work you've completed in the last three years. It's an opportunity for students, their families, faculty and industry to gather to celebrate before graduation.


The funds you raise will pay for all costs to the Grad Show. Hopefully, there'll be some left over to carry forward... Money is raised with a variety of student-lead activities, including pub nights, bake sales and more.


Below is a list of potential employers you can contact to do fieldwork.