Your Assignment

The subject of your sketch must be an original character. Don’t use someone else’s artwork. Make sure your sketch has closed strokes, like the piggie example we used in class. The goal here is to use the Image Trace function in Illustrator.

The process:

  • Scan or take a clear face-on photo with your phone. Place it on an artboard in Illustrator.
  • Image Trace your sketch.
  • Duplicate the traced image three times (for a total of 4 instances).
  • Create three colour themes at Apply them to one of your sketches.
  • You’ll finish with one un-coloured and three coloured instances of your sketch.

My Image Trace

Submission Files

To be super clear about this, you’re giving me a folder with your Illustrator file in it and your scanned image of the drawing. It doesn’t matter what format the scanned image is (.jpeg or .psd).

Name your folder properly, then zip-compress it. That’s what you’re going to submit.