Your Assignment

Design a card for each of Ottawa’s skateboard parks. Use the provided files to output a PDF file for each record in the spreadsheet.

Create a card for each skateboard park in the city. The dimensions are half letter, so 8.5” wide x 5.5” tall Make sure you use only Adobe Fonts fonts in your design, so submitting will be simpler.

Each card must have:

  • The photo of the park.
  • The Facility ID in an inconspicuous location.
  • The name of the park.
  • The address of the park.
  • An indication of the facility type.
  • An indication of whether it’s access-controlled. You need to indicate a positive or negative status.
  • An indication whether it’s accessible. You need to indicate a positive or negative status.

You need to have each of the types of variables in your file:

  • Text variables
  • Image variables
  • Visibility variables

You’ll need to edit this data file to make it do what you want: swap text, show/hide layers and swap photos. Once the spreadsheet is formatted as you want, export it as a .csv file. That’s the file you’ll import into Illustrator using the script.

Once all of your variables are imported, double-check that everything works properly.

Use the Batch command to export the data sets as Press-Ready PDF files into the provided ‘PDFs’ folder. Save your Illustrator file in place in the ‘Your Exercise’ folder. The .csv file should be in that folder too.


Organize your submission files like this.


It will contain your:

  • Illustrator document
  • An edited spreadsheet (Numbers, Excel or other)
  • The exported .csv file
  • No fonts, because you’ve used only Adobe Fonts.
  • The PDFs folder full of PDFs.
  • Your Practice folder with all its files.