Our Present & Future

  • A bit of history.
  • Where could this program lead you?

Let’s Dive In!

Classroom Management

  • The door will be locked once class starts. If you’re late, wait for a break before coming in.
  • No phone use in class, unless on a break.
  • Want to provide anonymous feedback? Use the feedback form in the footer.

Student Photos

  • During our first class, we’re going to take an individual photo of each of you for our faculty records.

About Computer Graphics

  • Why a Mac?
    • The minimum requirement for their computer is a 15” Retina MacBook Pro.
    • You’re encouraged to purchase AppleCare with your new laptop.
  • Why Creative Cloud?
    • InDesign for page layout.
    • Photoshop for editing photos.
    • Illustrator for drawing vector graphics.
    • Acrobat for cross-platform compatibility.
  • Six semesters of Computer Graphics.
    • There’s a gradual progression for six semesters, like one long course.
  • This site contains all of the Computer Graphics curriculum.
    • CG YouTube Channel.
    • Grades will be on Brightspace.
    • Formative assignments: learn & practice software skills.
    • Summative assignments: evaluate your mastery of software skills.

Get Set Up

  • Set up macOS.
  • Back up your files.
  • Connect to college online services.
  • Use a mouse every class.
  • Purchase this adaptor to connect to displays.
  • Bring a pair of earphones/headphones to listen to tutorials.

Software installation

  • Before next class:
  • Do not install any virus software, Mac Keeper or other useless utilities.
  • You can optionally install the free version of MS Office provided by the College.
  • If you have a new or recent Mac, you get iWork apps for free on the Mac App Store.
Your computer is now your work tool, so stay away from pirated software.