This is a voluntary call out to all Graphic Design students who wish to purchase Pantone colour swatch books. I’ve gotten a price of $322.05 including shipping and taxes. For that price, you’ll receive two books. One coated and one un-coated.

Once I have enough people interested, I’ll start collecting money to place an order.

If anyone can find a better price for a group purchase, please contact me to share the deal. The model numbers are:

  • GP6102N – Colour Bridge two-book set.
  • GG6103N - Single coated book.
  • GG6104N - Single uncoated book.


The books have four colour models: Spot colours, CMYK, RGB and HTML. They’re the most versatile books you can buy.

Or Buy Only One Book


You also have the option of purchasing only one of the books for $192.10, taxes and shipping included.

Count Me In!