Your Assignment

Your assignment is to draw a simple object and its package. Take some time to think of an object that’s either revolved or extruded. It can be made of multiple parts. See the most excellent co-ax cable pictured below.


This artwork has impact. It’s simple to create. Note the cool cast shadow. That’s all me.


Create a tabloid page in Illustrator, in CMYK. Use the default Print Preset. You can use either a landscape or portrait orientation. Use the best orientation for your layout.


Include these required elements:

  • A title
  • A hero shot of your object
  • Show your packaging with mapped artwork.
  • Create a limited colour scheme for your layout.
  • Use only fonts from TypeKit.
You don't need to have the repeating spinning objects. If you can do them, fine. Odds are that this will slow down your work a lot.