Already own a recent Windows or macOS laptop? Bring it to class on our first day of school. We’ll discuss our tech needs during class.

The Graphic Design Program is part of the College’s BYOD program, as such a Macintosh laptop is mandatory equipment. The base model 15” MacBook Pro (approx. $2329.00) is the minimum required model. You need to come to each class equipped with a mouse and a mouse pad of your choice. If you purchase a new MacBook Pro, Apple’s AppleCare warranty is a good idea, though not mandatory. Computers should be purchased either at an Apple Retail store or at Apple’s online education store to take advantage of their educational discount of 6 to 10 percent.

It will be useful to bring earphones or headphones to class so you can listen to video tutorials, if needed. Keep them in your bag.

Please allot $50 per year for an online backup service. Alternatively, you can purchase an external desktop hard drive at approximately $100. Any USB 3 unit at 2TB or above is sufficient. One of the two choices is mandatory.

A basic Wacom drawing tablet (or equivalent) is also a suggested purchase, but not required. Approximate cost is $100.

No printer or scanner is required.