Algonquin College Graphic Design Program Computer Graphics Course Curriculum Algonquin College Graphic Design Program Computer Graphics Course Curriculum

Grad Show

The annual Grad Show gives students the opportunity to showcase the design work you've completed in the last three years. It's an opportunity for students, their families, faculty and industry to gather virtually to celebrate before graduation.


Team Workings & Functions

Every member of this class should be a member of at least one team but can also be on every team they have time/interest in. Each team will agree on a team lead.

If issues arise within a team, they are managed within the team under the direction of the team lead. If the issue cannot be resolved, it can be escalated to the chairs. If it still is not resolved, it is brought to Alain.

Teams are expected to collaborate. For instance, if the Motion Team needs brand graphics to use in After Effects, they’ll request them with specifications from the Branding Team.

Grad Show Chairs

Two people are elected to oversee all activities as well as coordinate and attend meetings with team leads. They meet with Alain to provide progress updates.

Chairs may opt out of participating in any teams. They act as overseers of and liaisons between all the teams leads and report to Alain.

Team Leads

Team leads are managers of the teams. They’re not the ones doing all the work. They delegate and to their part of the work. They ensure that everyone in the team does their fair share of work. If someone’s not pulling their weight, Alain finds out…

Web Site Team

This team works with Thomas to build the web site for the graduating cohort.

Branding Team

Design the look of the event and branding guidelines. Ensure the look is applied to all promotional items (print/web/motion). Design email invitations.

The branding team also prepares on-brand graphics required by other teams.

Social Media/Promotional Team

Motion Team

Produce and manage on-brand motion graphics for the web site, for event promotions.

Photography Team

Helps to coordinate the photography of all students for the website and promotion of events and grad show. Oversees editing of photos.

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