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Your Assignment

Your assignment is to create a scene of your own containing objects with decals applied. The assets you’ll need are:

  1. a background photo that contains a flat surface
  2. add at least one object from the Adobe Dimension asset library
  3. an .obj file to import into the scene
  4. your own custom artwork, including a logo, to use as a decal.
    • You're encouraged to use your own brand to map onto objects in the scene.

Once the scene is created, you will in integrate it with text to create a magazine ad for your product. This magazine ad should contain promotional text such as a tagline, or a title with support text.

Your final piece should be 8.5 x 11 inches.

Students will be marked on understanding of basic design concepts, including typographic rules, alignment, balance, white space, composition, etc.

You may choose to exclude the background from your render depending on the layout of your magazine ad.

  • Technical: 60%
  • Understanding of Design Concepts 30%
  • Design Quality + Effort: 10%