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Your Program of Study

Sep 2, 2019

Your program of study lists all the courses you must take in your three-year stay in the program in order to graduate. We'll support you, but in the end, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have taken these courses.

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How POS’ Work

Your program of study is the list of courses you need to take in order to graduate. It just happens that we change our program of study yearly to accommodate the needs of the design industry.

Our 2019 Program of Study
Our 2019 Program of Study

The program of study you must complete is the one for the year you started in the program. There are exceptions, but this is how it works for most.

Download your POS

Below, you can download the program of study for the year you started.

2019 Program of Study - PDF

2018 Program of Study - PDF

2017 Program of Study - PDF

Yikes! I’ve Failed a Course.

If you happen to fail a course, you’ll be off-cycle. That means that you will not flow through the program of study in the same order. It may mean that you’ll study for an additional semester or year. In most cases, courses given in the Fall are only given in the Fall. The same goes with Winter courses. If you’ve failed a course given in Winter, you may need to wait until the next Winter to take it again.

If that course is a pre-requisite for another, you will not be allowed to progress in that course.

It would be a good idea for you to print your program of study to mark the courses you have successfully completed.